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After sessions with you I feel much more hopeful, grounded, cheerful & focused.  I'm really glad I found your listing online that day and look forward to working together further; especially in starting some creative sessions. - Adult Female

Thank you for your guidance and encouragement throughout our session. I think if anything, I have started to get on the right path again. Thanks again for all your help and offerings. 🙂 - Adult Female

Thanks so much for doing what you do.  Your time, patience and caring are helping our kids blossom into the cool people they are and be the best they can be. - Parent of a child on the autism spectrum

I contacted Brooke Campbell to learn more about Drama Therapy. I had just finished reviewing her website. So, I called her and immediately there was a connection. In September 2011, I joined her drama therapy group. Brooke’s approach is to encourage, uplift and help you release the negativity from your life. Working in a group setting offers peer support needed to make life changes. And of course every step of the way Brooke is there to guide you and encourage you to your best self. No one could ask for a better Drama Therapist. Brooke is amazing and sincerely cares about all who come in contact with her. Thank you Brooke for helping me become a better person. - Adult Female 

Brooke's use of Drama therapy not only empowered me to excel during graduate school while studying for a master’s in public administration, but as a manager with my current employer, I find myself more attuned with how my staff are performing.

Thank you for  very powerful group. I greatly look forward to coming back. - Creative Drama Group Member

Thanks for all your help and I am really now starting to connect with my mom and things are starting to improve for me. - Adult Female

My son very much enjoyed the Creative Drama Group.  Certainly he's been more tolerant and better understands the value of taking turns, especially during conversations. - Parent of a child on the Autism Spectrum

She geared the sessions to my personal specific needs and the discovery of my inner persona which was hidden, suppressed and just longing to emerge. The sessions were held in a relaxed environment, which helped me to discover my full potential without being judged for my choices. Brooke had a very professional approach to helping me find my true self. - Adult Male

I am more empowered since coming to see you. - Adult Female

Brooke, I always enjoyed your "open-mindedness". Almost all therapists have that "block" of creativity and open-ness, and that's what makes them dead as therapists. Thanks for being a great therapist to me. - Adult Male

We have seen a dramatic increase in my son's social skills ever since Brooke has been working with him. Brooke's attention to detail in the method of drama therapy gives her the creative power to increase my son's awareness to the world. Whether you are a child, a teen or adult, I would highly recommend Brooke to anyone who wants to help themselves to be stronger and free flowing. Brooke allows the child to "play" while in fact he is learning valuable skills in his life of social interaction with his family and friends. Brooke is the angel we have been searching for.  - Parents of a child on the Autism Spectrum.

Brooke Campbell is a consummate professional--smart, creative, empathetic. It was a great pleasure working with her as a student in the Drama Therapy Program at NYU. - Robert J. Landy, Ph.D., Professor of Educational Theatre and Applied Psychology and Director of the Drama Therapy Program at NYU

Through the Creative Drama Workshop, our clients with multiple sclerosis were guided by Brooke to imagine, enact, and reflect upon their past life experiences. For the duration of the workshop, they were able to express themselves in innovative ways that put smiles on their faces. - J. Tamar Kalina, MS, OTR/L, CCRC, MSCS Director of Rehabilitation, New York University Multiple Sclerosis Care Center

I am an actress, writer and advocate. I recently had the great pleasure and opportunity to work with Brooke Campbell on a domestic violence stage performance. I wrote a collection of monologues, which were derived from true stories of abuse. As a writer, it is always a concern that someone else will capture the intention of your words. Brooke Campbell not only brought to life the intention of the writings, but also successfully directed the actresses with great passion and integrity. I’m especially grateful for Brooke’s deep concern and respect for the entire cast, including myself. She truly works with great sensitivity and creativity. I am honored to have worked with Brooke and I hope to have the chance to collaborate with her again in the future. - Lisa Regina, LisaRegina.com

I've had the opportunity to work closely with Brooke Campbell during an Imagine Project Inc. creativity workshop for traumatized youth during the summer of 2010. Brooke is someone who understands inherently that creativity and art have the power to save lives. Her instincts, training and extensive experience allows her to nurture young people toward the discovery and implementation of their own innate creativity, imaginations and artistry. Hers is a rare gift, and one she is dedicated to sharing with those who will benefit most. - Bill Bartlett, Director and Founder, Imagine Project Inc. www.imagineproject.org

I had the honor of having Ms. Brooke Campbell as a colleague for several years as actor/educators in our educational theater company Good Clean Fun. With the company, we traveled to schools throughout the New York/New Jersey area bringing students interactive programs that prompted discussion on urgent topics such as bullying, and self-esteem. Brooke inspired everyone -- colleagues, students, school faculty -- with her dedication, creativity, insight and compassion. Brooke was a crucial part of our team, doing work that clearly sparked students' critical thinking and emotional intelligence. Brooke brings her excellence to every endeavor. Anyone working with her will immediately appreciate the talent she brings to the table. - Anne Connolly, Artistic Director, Good Clean Fun Theatre Company

Brooke Campbell is a compassionate and skillful clinician who will help you achieve your goals. The creative connections she facilitates will bring positive and empowering change for you and your family. - Dr. Lee R. Chasen RDT, LCAT, author of Surpassing Standards in the Elementary Classroom (2009) and Social Skills, Emotional Growth and Drama Therapy: Inspiring Connection on the Autism Spectrum (2011)

Brooke Campbell's work with children and adults emphasizes a soothing environment where spirited creativity and depth-full exploration can mutually occur. Brooke's courage and her intellect afford her work a tremendous vitality and integrity. - Maria Hodermarska, RDT, CASAC, LCAT, Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor in the Graduate Program in Drama Therapy, NYU

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